Our Fleet

Our vehicle fleet includes a range of vehicles that can operate across all weight categories.

Our smaller cargo vehicles are our 35 CWT panel vans. These vehicles (pictured) offer 15.5 m3 of space with seats for a three man install team.
7.5 tonne box vans (pictured) offer a greater payload, typically 30 to 35 m3, again with the capacity to take three installers. The 18 tonne box vans we operate offer almost 45 m3 of space and can carry up to 10 tonnes in terms of payload. Our tractor unit and 45 foot trailer offers 62 m3 of space and can carry a maximum payload of 26 tonnes. This is our largest vehicle in terms of capacity. Its maximum laden weight (truck, trailer and payload) stands at 44 tonnes which is the largest and heaviest standard cargo vehicle able to operate on UK roads.

Click here for our vehicle specifications in Excel format